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JamIsland – GameJam

JamIsland – GameJam

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September 21, 2017

Alte Saline, Hallein, Austria

  • jeudi, 21 septembre 2017 | Alte Saline, Hallein, Austria


[Texte disponible uniquement en anglais] JamIsland is a three-day GameJam game, and JamIsland sees itself as a playground for action and ideas for creative collisions, a networking point for game creators, and those interested in exploring the interactive media, with the sole theme being the Friday theme Workshops for team-finding and idea-development will follow.The finished projects will be immortalized on the free distribution platform for posterity.JamIsland 2017 is an initiative of Florian Jindra and Rene Baumgartner and one Cooperation with FH Salzburg.