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Da FLxER 1.0 alla versione 6.0, la ricerca ed i suoi risultati

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Da FLxER 1.0 alla versione 6.0, la ricerca ed i suoi risultati
[Texte disponible uniquement en anglais] FLxER was born in 2001 as a response to the need to combine the expressive arts of a collective of digital artist together. The idea was created by Gianluca Del Gobbo by Flyer communication and Alberto Bordonaro by Bluecheese.

From the virtual to the real, from the video screen to the tv, from the club to the theatre, to the event evenings, FLxER takes on an itinerant and international character in a few years, becoming the protagonist of evenings and events in the name of VIDEO, LIVE and PERFORMANCE, and today it is a free software to mix vector graphics, audio, video, text and interactive media.

The most important result is the idea of sharing knowledge that develops not only with software, still one of the very few still free, but above all with the community of artists born around this important social value which has given life to regular meetings since 2004, co-productions and many festivals and events united by both the research in the performative video and the concept of sharing knowledge with which FLxER was born.

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