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Generative Video Mapping

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Generative Video Mapping
[Texte disponible uniquement en anglais] Practical course for the design and making of generative Video Mapping performances. In this workshop participants will learn the visual design techniques oriented towards the project of generative video mappings.
The participants will receive an overview over the generative graphics world and the different video-mapping techniques, then will be guided in the development of a small example program using Processing ( and the use of it in a mapping.

General contents:
At the end of the workshop the participants will have achieved the tools for the realization of generative video-mappings and will have an introduction to Processing.
The aim of the course is to produce a final video mapping project at a 1:1 scale on complex geometric structures.

Organization of the course:
Generative video mapping projects showcase
Technical aspects
Basis of generative graphics
How to realize real time graphics with Processing
Integration between development environment and mapping software
Making of a performance

Who is it aimed to:
The course is aimed mostly to university students, professionals of the graphic and communication industry and to creatives more widly, who want to explore and widen their techniques and know-how for multimedia and interactive projects. A basic knowledge of Video Mapping is reccomended.

Riccardo Cavazza
I am an experienced linux system administrator and I work as creative coder, mostly with Openframeworks and nodeJs.

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