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How to use LUMITRIX technology

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How to use LUMITRIX technology
[Texte disponible uniquement en anglais] Our company bring to world first All in one solution for outdoor projections. We built projector which included media server, camera, scan system, scheduling, wifi/internet connection and much more - TYPHOON also Weatherproof IP rating 43! This machine is selling around the world.
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Then we Strat building indoor control unit. Which you can use with any projector on the market - LUMIBOX.
more at:

For our machines we also make whole new web application - LUMIVERSE. Lumiverse was born last year, and now, we are proud to show you latest version - LUMIVERSE II!!!

On this workshop you can try Lumibox control unit and Lumiverse II web application. You don't need special hardware.... just PC, Mac, Tablet, or smartphone with Chrome web browser!
Then you can learn how to use our mapping tools to finish your project.

Make your video-mapping installations smart and permanent easy way.

You can try :
- all new features like trigger system for make your installation interactive. Using camera on LUMIBOX
- blending
- shedulling
- make scene
- layers
- use HTML5 apps
- use loop library
- upload your videos, GIFs, PICs
- multiprojection setup
- synchronization
- wifi/GSM use
- PJLink/RS232 control
...and more

for more info write to

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Internet connection via cable UTP/LAN.

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LPM 2018 Rome
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