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[Texte disponible uniquement en anglais] We would like to share at LPM meeting our latest research Transcendence. Maria Almena will share the conceptual and creative side and Nestor Rubio will share the technical and lighting research.

“How live performance art in combination with interactive technology can induce altered states of consciousness for purposes of transcendence”

The main focus of this lecture is to explore the recontextualization of the concept of transcendence as an altered state of experience within digital art performances. Is there a transcendental art movement in the contemporary digital art scene and does it exist in response to the lack of emotional and spiritual connection in general Western Society? How could we use our contemporary mediums, tools and techniques to induce an altered state that can have beneficial effects for artists, audiences and our society as a whole?

Altered states of consciousness (ASC) have been pursued by humans consistently throughout our known history. From ancient shamanic rituals to the pervasive presence of psychedelia in modern culture and the Arts, the cultural attraction of transcendental experiences is undeniable. However, only recently there has been a resurgence, mainly through transpersonal psychotherapy and neuroscience research, in attempts to better understand these processes. What causes them? What is their effect on humans? And, could they have a positive influence?

We will be exploring transcendental experiences within the art world. The term “transcendental” was coined by Immanuel Kant through his doctrine “transcendental idealism”, describing conditions of possibility of knowledge. Transcendent meaning that which goes beyond usual knowledge of human being.

Combining scientific, anthropological and psychological research with visual arts, interactive technology and live performance, Transcendence by Kimatica, will explore how to create an immersive experience that will attempt to induce ASC’s in its audience. A multidisciplinary and collaborative research project aiming to answer to what degree biochemical modification is required to alter consciousness and whether ritualistic,hallucinogenic spaces can be created through external, sensory stimulus alone.

This practice-lead research will also explore the relationship between digital performance and shamanic rituals researching the benefits that this could have in our contemporary society, mainly through the work of Kimatica. We’ll also be exploring other contemporary media artists that intend to reach beyond the known, creating installations and performances that elevate. Transcending knowledge and experience that escapes our traditional senses, aiming for the margins of human consciousness.

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We just need access to connect our mac computer to a projector, the PA and internet so we can play our slide show to support our lecture.

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Maria Almena
Maria Almena

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