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Zackariah the explorer LIVE

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Zackariah the explorer LIVE
[Texte disponible uniquement en anglais] A live performance of sonic arts which includes elements of electronica/dance. One performer (myself). I will be controlling the tesla coil and all other sounds produced during the live performance, which will be fixed media (pre-produced audio), and there may also be some live vocals provided by me. The format/structure of the performance will be a set of 6-8 songs, each song length varies from 5-8min long (this can be adjusted to suit the schedule of The Performance Arcade). The tesla coil will be used in most of the songs. Animations and graphic scores will be displayed using the video projection equipment provided by the performance arcade. They must be played in sync with the music. Some songs will be accompanied by a graphic score, some accompanied by animations, and some will be a mixture of animations and photography. The tesla coil will be housed in a safety cage that was constructed by myself, with the assistance of a qualified electrical engineer. If I am selected to perform I will hire the assistance of an electrical engineer to help with the safety checks and set-up (I have already set-up and rehearsed with the tesla coil and engineer many times before).

Durée (minutes)


Ce qui est necessaire

My overall set-up will be similar to that of a D.J. :

Equipment I will bring with me:

1) One standard mixer
2) One vocal microphone
3) Tesla coil and cage (the tesla coil only requires one standard power socket). The cage is 1.5 meters width, and 1.8 meters high.
4) One laptop
5) One mini ipad
6) One MIDI controller

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Zackariah the Explorer
Zackariah the Explorer

New Zealand Wellington