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TECHNOTRIBALISM | Call for Entries | ADAF 2020

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Call for Entries


In this galaxy, not far away there is a “generation”, a tribe of people that are nurtured by technology. This generation has evolved its tech medium to a point where it has started to morph into its own entity, a new resource of power, a new regime, bringing humanity in the state we characterise techno-tribalism.

To enframe this world in serving us we created technology, while technology gradually enframed us in serving the data- flux. In this early hyper historic era what became the utmost necessity, is the continuous flow of information. In a causal relationship, our need to access it grows perpetually.

We, being the primitives of this era, appear pure and naive yet shaping the very foundations of this new world, where information is recognized as the super- power and data is moving towards becoming an equivalent to god – maker and regnant of everything.

Privacy and property are more and more giving into the preciousness of free access to data, shifting human heritage of all shorts in intangible flows of information, organised in massive virtual libraries. Our homo sapiens collecting fetishes are turning pale in front of the immenseness of options we can get in the collectively build digital world, shifting in relation our perception on ownership, assets, wealth and equity.

In this new period of collective production of information, our value translates in our contribution in the data flux and our access to it poses, not only as entertainment, but also as a possible key in eradicating our human sufferings. All of us, workers of this regime, dazed by the vastness of information, its potential power, we mirror ourselves in the digital world.

Algorithms, already present everywhere in the digital realm, are reading us better than ourselves, better than our friends and siblings and in the name of optimization of our virtual experience, we are gradually letting them make decisions for us, filter our perceptions predict our behavior, our bio metrics, our emotions. All manifestations of culture can now be experienced on a digitized basis, translated to a language (code, DNA) and stored for everyone who possess it to experience regardless the circumstances. Markets and Money are transfiguring into intangible algorithmic byproducts. Everything to serve the information flow.

The International festival for Digital Arts in Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival, is calling the art world and the world of science and technology, to submit works and achievements which outline, comment, foresee, or determine this contemporary epoch in order to compose the content for the upcoming 16th edition of the festival which will take place in spring 2020.

Close your eyes and connect to your data-doppelganger your mirrored algorithmic self to your digital footprint. You are part of techno-tribalism, you are part of ADAF 2020

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TECHNOTRIBALISM | Call for Entries | ADAF 2020