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I'm nobody's shadow

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I'm nobody's shadow
[Texte disponible uniquement en anglais] "ماني ظل حد", « I'm nobody's shadow"  is a performance that brings video art and shadow theater together.
It is about a shadow without its body that evolves between dream and reality, happiness and discomfort.
Sometimes happy to be able to act the way she wants, to take the shape she wants, to grow taller and taller or smaller and smaller. Sometimes uncomfortable about the fact that she cannot touch, sit, take things because she doesn't have a body to do so. Sometimes dreaming about her “lost” body, sometimes rejoicing about her freedom.

A reflection, an allegoric voyage on the theme of freshly acquired freedom... and its limits.

Durée (minutes)


Ce qui est necessaire

room of 12*4m
short lens videoprojector (acer s5201)
mattrox dual head 2go

  • AV Installation


Marion et Ghazi Frini
Marion et Ghazi Frini

Tunisia Tunis, France Lyon