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Elusive Matter

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Elusive Matter
[Texte disponible uniquement en anglais] ELUSIVE MATTER
With Elusive Matter, a minimalist light and sound performance, Martin Messier transforms simple wisps of smoke into a veritable projection screen. In a room submerged in darkness, armed with a projector as his sole source of light, Messier draws a myriad of ghostly spaces, architectural shapes and dreamlike images from the intangible haze, juxtaposing light and sound in order to conjure atmospheres both ethereal and soothing.

Concept, music composition and performance :
Martin Messier

Video :
Étienne Desprès

Production :
14 lieux

Durée (minutes)


Ce qui est necessaire

ENVIRONMENT: Venue must be a completely dark room (pitch black), Add gelatine on the exit sign if possible

SMOKE: Space needs to be generously filled with smoke/fog (not haze).
 The minimum requirement for a small space will be JEM ZR35 Depending on the venue, we may ask for a second machine.

PROJECTOR: The projection needs to be focus just above the head of the audience, 2 inches above the audience’s eyes.Projector type : The strength of the projector needs to be discussed depending on the depth of the venue.Lens : it needs to be discussed depending on the venue.

TABLE: small table for my laptop+soundcard, approx. 2 feets x 4 feets

• Hi-fi sound system w/good subwoofer (PA System)

• monitors on stage 

• 1/8 cable jack cables from my computer soundcard outputs

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  • AV Performance
  • Experimental Electronics


Martin Messier
Martin Messier

Canada Montreal