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Roma Remixes

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Roma Remixes
[Texte disponible uniquement en anglais] The concert is called Roma Remixes and combines house music, performance and live visuals. Succesful concerts were made in Berlin, Barcelona and Madrid.

Roma Remixes is an audiovisual performance where dark House rhythms are combined with lyrics in Latin inspired by classic Roman poetry and visuals based in body proyection. The album has been released in 3 different parts by the Italian label Two Rooms:

Music: El Fulminador
Performance: Utopyk Jones
Visuals and edition: Kalma

Durée (minutes)


Ce qui est necessaire

- 4/3 screen behind a stage (3meters*3meters)
- 1 beamer
- P.A. sound
-1 Edirol V8
-Power supply
-2 shure sm58 dynamic mic.
- 1 dj mixer
- Fog Machine

  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)


Roma Remixes
Roma Remixes

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