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[Texte disponible uniquement en anglais] Sintesi is an immersive experience meant for heart and mind - it presents Alessandro's debut electronic music album featuring vocals of Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Lisa Papineau and Emma Nolde.
Conceived between 2018 and 2020, Sintesi is a new point of departure for Alessandro from his previous works with other projects and collaborations, in Italy and abroad. Alessandro has performed, recorded and produced every track, using an electronic gear with some acoustic elements such as a few drums (his main instrument), processed concrete sounds and his own voice on the song "Lifetime", along with an accurate work of sound design and sound processing. The result is a melancholic and introspective album surrounded by a detailed and evocative scenario, with rhythms that sometimes flow free and sometimes stumble, as it happens in real life.
The set is tighlty connected with visual arts through a background projection of the visuals made by artist Luigi Honorat, Fabio Volpi and Elisabetta Cardella.
The performance has been hosted by Dancity Foligno, Europavox Wien, Expandend Visions Macerata, Botanique Bologna amongst others.

“It’s a haunting, ethereal song fueled by minimal electronics, gorgeous background harmonies” - Brooklyn Vegan, New York
“On top of Alessandro’s beautifully orchestrated composition of electronic synths lies a spoken word poem, written and performed by none other than Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth” - Far Out UK, London
"chiselling eternity and shaping posterity. Very highly recommended" - Silence and Sound, France
“extremely sophisticated and mature” - Groove magazin, Berlin

Durée (minutes)


Ce qui est necessaire

-Mix Out L (d.i. box) -Mix Out R (d.i. Box)

-A good P.A. suitable for the dimension of the venue with at least a sub-woofer -2 Stage Monitors L & R positioned on both sides of the performance table
-a FOH sound engineer

-1 Table 120cms wide, 80 to 100cms deep - 90cms high or 2 Keyboard stands with a stable plan on top. Plan must have the same dimensions as indicated for the table.
-1 black cloth big enough to cover the table/plan surface, sides and front.
-10x jack mono cable 1⁄4"
-1 small mixing desk with at least 3 stereo channels and internal effects processor (preferably Yamaha mg8/2fx)
-1 cymbal stand with a 1,5cm wide hole
-2 power units with 5 plugs each
-1 Carpet 2*2 meters

-2 dimmerable spotlights positioned for backlight
-a light designer

-1 projector
-1 screen at least 2,5*3 meters or a white back wall same dimension as indicated for the screen
-1 computer connected to the projector for visuals projection

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Alessandro Baris
Alessandro Baris

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