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Yvonne / Live Cinema / Objects Theater Mix

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  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
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Yvonne / Live Cinema / Objects Theater Mix
[Texte disponible uniquement en anglais] Yvonne Live Cinema Mix et Objects Theatre
Performance / 40 mns

In a form of contemporary fairground theatre, I create scenic spaces of intimacy in which I play with everyday objects, full of stories. I tell them to the public in an abstract and poetic narrative, creating a possible space for the imagination and emotions.

The recycling of all the materials used is at the heart of my creative process, which I want to keep as simple as possible. The object, chosen for its shape, its texture, its colour, becomes the material of a raw, live cinematographic process.

The theatre is like a laboratory which, through the interplay of camera capture and projection, allows us to change the focus of our vision of the world, in a creative back and forth, from the micro to the macro.

Far from sophisticated tools, and often perceived as compulsory, the production of images is achieved here, by creative processes, close to DIY, using prosaic objects, skimmers, beads, papers, glasses ..., which surround us, and acquire by this new use, a poetic dimension

In my performances, I mix the analogical process with digital restitution. Everything is filmed live with video surveillance cameras and projected in real time, to create a world mixing these two tools, as we have to search in our daily life the way to combine all the technologies we can use and why.

I have a political and artivist narrative, using archives of experiences from around the world, my own images and objects. I talk about modern nomadism, new technologies, re-use and thinking, in a process of adaptation.

Obvious simplicity that shows another possible world, the power to act in plastic making, allowing the birth of a shared emotional dimension that brings us back to a childlike state.

My story is about humanity locked into the world (Paul Virillo) by globalisation and speed... Is there an alternative path somewhere?

It is a question of being, at the heart of a reflexive process of inventing existence, on the path of simplicity, of the journey and of the encounter.

Sale Price: 1000€ incl. Tax

Durée (minutes)


Ce qui est necessaire

I need
Video projector ( HDMI)
Electric conection
Table (1,5m x 0,8m).

Ce que les artistes apportent

I come with my object theater and all my stuff to mix.

  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
  • Experimental Electronics



LPM 2019 Rome
LPM 2019 Rome
05 // 04 mai 2019