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[Texte disponible uniquement en anglais] Teogonia is Davide Martiello’s artistic project that presents the mythological history of Kronos and his children through the development of seven songs and seven virtual universes.
The concept stems from the need to deepen the knowledge acquired both in the compositional and sound fields by creating works of agile usability, suitable for different listening situations, which involve the listener (and the viewer) from three points of view: auditory, visual and subjective perceptual.
Conceived as the summa of stylistically different universes, but with a common conceptual and compositional denominator, Teogonia is therefore an artistic summary, of heterogeneous cataloging and understanding, its strong point in proposing itself under various aspects, enhancing its sound and multimedia nature.

released October 31, 2022

All rights reserved
Music by Davide Martiello
Mix and Mastering by Davide Martiello at Suite Ohm Studio, Florence (IT)
Davide Martiello: Guitars and Electronic.
Iago Bruchi: Drums and Percussions.
Federico Niccolai: 3D Artist.

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